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Episode 61: The business of coffee media

On the podcast this week we're speaking with three highly-talented and passionate coffee journalists to explore the crucial role media plays in developing the specialty coffee industry.

In conversations with Nick Brown, Founding Editor, Daily Coffee News, Michal Molcan, Founder, Standart, and Nicole Ou, Manager Coffee T&I, we discuss the challenges and global opportunities for coffee media businesses, the future of print publishing, and how these titles are diversifying and adapting to a changing landscape.

Find out more about Roast Summit 2023 here: https://www.roastmagazine.com/roastsummit

Credits music: "Wolf Cry" by Katie Ferrara in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Nick Brown

Nick Brown

Founding Editor, Daily Coffee News

Nick Brown is the founding editor of Daily Coffee News by Roast magazine, a leading news site covering the specialty coffee industry from seed to cup. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Brown is an award-winning reporter and editor with more than two decades of professional experience in print and digital journalism.
Michal Molcan

Michal Molcan

Founder and Editor-in-Chief , Standart

Michal Molcan is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Standart, an independent print magazine about specialty coffee established in 2015. The publication is run with a global team of talented creatives has a dedicated readership in 83 countries. Michal is a Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni and currently resides between Prague and Nitra.
Nicole Ou

Nicole Ou

Managing Editor, Coffee T&I

Coffee t&i China aims to be an objective and positive media to promote local coffee, tea and ice cream businesses. The magazine is printed in Mandarin, Vietnamese and English, and has 120k+ followers on WeChat and 60l+ on WeiBo. Coffee T&I also runs events and offers a content creation service for local coffee brands. 

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