| 31 mins

Episode 60: Journey to become the world's best: A conversation with Geranium's Søren Ledet

On the podcast today we're releasing our full interview with Søren Ledet Co-founder and General Manager of the world-renowned restaurant Geranium. A three Michelin-starred dining experience, Geranium was named the Best Restaurant in the World by The 50 Best Awards 2022.


In this conversation, Søren shares learnings from his vast experience running standout hospitality venues and why attention to detail and respecting each ingredient’s origin remains at the core of his business.

Credits music: Replay by Natalie Shay in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Søren Ledet

Søren Ledet

Co-founder and General Manager, Geranium

Søren Ledet is the Co-founder, General Manager and Wine Director of Geranium – a 3 Michelin starred restaurant founded in Copenhagen in 2007 with his businesses partner and head chef Rasmus Kofoed. An often-lauded restaurant, Geranium was named the best restaurant in the world by The 50 Best awards in 2022.
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