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Bonus: A human approach to scaling a coffee business – a conversation with Kris Schackman

Today we’re catching up with Kris Schackman, Co-founder of Berlin’s iconic coffee chain Five Elephant. In this conversation, we learn about Kris’ early journey from the film industry into coffee, the evolution of the German specialty scene over the last decade, and the key decisions that have shaped the creation of one of the most respected roastery cafes in Europe.

Credits music: "Rain Pour Down" by IOVA for The Coffee Music Project

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Kris Schackman

Kris Schackman

Co-founder and Director, Five Elephant

After a career in film and advertising in New York City, Kris fell in love with Berlin and soon after moving there, co-founded the Berlin based Five Elephant Coffee Roastery & Cake Shop with his now wife Sophie. Schackman has worked since 2010 as CEO and Green Buyer for the international brand, focusing on ethical and responsible business practices and direct sourcing of high-quality coffee.

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