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Episode 13: Spotlight on the Sydney coffee scene – The future beyond Covid-19

On the podcast this week we speak to three leading lights in the Sydney coffee community to explore how Covid-19 has impacted the influential Australian coffee market and how it has begun to recover.

With cafés already open and thriving across Sydney and other parts of Australia, we get a glimpse into what the coffee landscape might look like once global vaccination efforts begin to take effect, and how café owners should start preparing for a return to a new normality.

Jenny Willits, CEO, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, discusses the booming coffee-at-home trend and how cafés must adapt to the needs of a more knowledgeable consumer.

Nich Rae, Head of Coffee for Toby’s Estate, explores how the pandemic affected café volumes and gets us up to speed with the latest trends emerging from Sydney’s influential coffee scene.

We’ll also hear from Melinda Evans, Operations Manager for Mecca Coffee Roasters on the trends that are impacting Mecca’s business and how it is putting sustainability promises into practice.

Credits music: Whispers by Holiday Sidewinder in partnership with The Coffee Music Project


Jenny Willits

Jenny Willits

CEO, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Jenny is the CEO of Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, one of Australia’s largest privately-owned roasters and a prominent member of the Australian coffee scene for more than 50 years. Following a 17-year career in advertising and marketing, Willits took the helm of the esteemed coffee business in 2017.

Melinda Evans

Melinda Evans

Operations Manager, Mecca Coffee Roasters

Melinda Evans is the Operations Manager for Mecca Coffee Roasters - a coffee importer, roaster and wholesaler, with two flagship cafés in Sydney. Evans’ coffee journey began in NYC managing cafés for Bluestone Lane and the passion for coffee followed her home to her native Australia.

Nich Rae

Nich Rae

Head of Coffee, Toby's Estate

Over the past seven years, Nich Rae has had the opportunity to rise through the ranks at Toby’s Estate, becoming Assistant Head Roaster in 2016 and Head Roaster in 2018, leading three roasteries, two in Australia and one roastery in the Philippines before becoming Head of Coffee in February 2020.

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