| 25 mins

Episode 1: The long-term impact of Covid-19 on hospitality

Jeffrey Young speaks with business leaders to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the global hospitality sector and what long-term changes we can expect to see.

Episode links: Café 2025 Report - Seven Miles Coffee Roasters


Jenny Willits

Jenny Willits

CEO, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Jenny is the CEO of Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, one of Australia’s largest privately-owned roasters and a prominent member of the Australian coffee scene for more than 50 years. Following a 17-year career in advertising and marketing, Willits took the helm of the esteemed coffee business in 2017.

Nicholas Stone

Nicholas Stone

CEO & Founder, Bluestone Lane

A native of Melbourne Australia, Nicholas Stone moved to New York City in 2010. While attending business school, the former investment banker dreamt up Bluestone Lane with the vision to bring Antipodean-influenced boutique cafe and specialty coffee experiences to his adopted city and beyond. 

Wilhelm Liebenberg

Wilhelm Liebenberg

Founder & CEO, Coco Safar

Founder, CEO and entrepreneur, Wilhelm Liebenberg is Coco Safar’s leader and brand visionary. With 25 years of branding and hospitality experience, he has developed an innovative mindset for delivering the ultimate consumer experiences through a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

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