Project Café Europe 2024

Project Café Europe 2024 is Allegra World Coffee Portal's latest exploration of the ever-changing branded coffee shop markets of Europe


Containing 50 unique markets, Europe has a vast array of different coffee shop concepts, from drive through formats to delivery focused, vibrant atmospheres to calming interiors, traditional café settings to grab and go convenience. But which markets have grown the most? Which are leading the field in innovation and technology? What brands have captured the cultural zeitgeist? Project Café Europe 2024 has the answers


In publication since 1999, the Project Café report series continues to help industry stakeholders understand the social and economic contributions of the industry and navigate changing dynamics. The series comprises major global region reports, and key national reports that deliver a comprehensive coffee shop market analysis


Project Café Europe 2024 identifies the size of the region’s branded coffee shop market in terms of outlets and growth rates, providing an in-depth strategic examination of the current retail environment. Featuring consumer research, industry consultations, analysis of key market topics and competing operator strategies, the report unpacks key opportunities and potential future barriers to growth


Project Café Europe 2024 will help your organisation tailor its approach to the unique demands of this region, facilitating better informed business decisions

Published 18 March 2024, 463 Pages

Project Cafe Europe 2024 key features:
  • Outlet market sizing, including future growth projections, for the 50 strong branded European coffee shop sector
  • Highlights from over 6,000 online surveys with French, German and Polish coffee shop consumers
  • Over 400 online surveys, consultations and in-depth interviews with leading industry insiders in Europe
  • In-depth profiles of major operators in Europe, including key company and supplier information
  • Pricing analysis of major operators in Europe, including cappuccino, latte and espresso beverages

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