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Reborn Coffee secures $1m to ‘catalyse international growth initiatives’

The investment from Reborn Coffee Chairman Farooq Arjomand comes ahead of further planned international expansion for the specialty coffee roaster and café chain, with debuts in the UAE and South Korea expected

A Reborn Coffee store in Irvine, California | Photo credit: Reborn Coffee


California-based Reborn Coffee has announced a $1m investment commitment from its Chairman Farooq Arjomand to expand its international presence and grow its product portfolio. 

In a press release, Reborn Coffee said the investment represents a ‘significant endorsement’ of its current valuation and growth prospects. The specialty coffee roaster and café chain opened its first international outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in November 2023. 

The move is expected to be followed by expansion into neighbouring Singapore and Indonesia, as well as an outlet in Dubai, UAE and Daejeon, South Korea


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“My commitment to Reborn Coffee is more than just a financial decision; it's confirmation of my belief in our mission and vision for the future. The coffee market is evolving rapidly, and I am confident that Reborn Coffee will continue to lead the way with its innovative approaches and dedication to quality,” said Arjomand.  

“The recent opening of our flagship store in Malaysia is just the beginning of our expansion into Southeast Asia and I am optimistic about the stronger earnings and opportunities this will bring for 2024,” he added. 

Reborn Coffee currently operates 14 stores across California and a single site in Malaysia. The business is planning to open two flagship stores in the Californian cities of San Francisco and San Diego this year, alongside its first sites outside the state in Texas and Missouri.  

In July 2023, Reborn Coffee secured a $1m credit facility from real estate development firm DRE Inc. to ‘accelerate company initiatives’, including new products, outlet expansion and e-commerce operations. DRE Inc’s Founder, Dennis Egidi, is Vice Chairman on Reborn Coffee’s Board of Directors. 

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