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Greece’s Mikel Coffee Company opens first outlet in Serbia

The Belgrade outlet marks further investment by Mikel Coffee Company in the Balkan region, where it currently operates more than 300 stores across seven markets

Mikel Coffee’s Balkan presence includes stores in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Romania and Turkey | Photo credit: Mikel Coffee Company


Larissa-based Mikel Coffee Company has made its debut in Serbia with a store on Belgrade’s John Kennedy Street. 

The outlet adds to Mikel Coffee’s strong presence in the Balkans, where it operates approximately 270 stores in Greece and a further 49 across Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.  


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Serbia has an independent-led coffee shop market, with just six branded chains collectively operating 140 outlets. The market is led by domestic brands Hleb & Kifle and Kafeterij, which operate 42 and 41 stores respectively, with McCafé and Starbucks the only other international coffee chains, with 15 and seven stores. 

World Coffee Portal research forecasts the total Serbian branded coffee shop market will exceed 180 outlets by 2028.  

Mikel Coffee’s European presence includes also four stores across the UK and Germany. It also operates two stores in each of Canada, the US and Australia, and 18 outlets across seven markets in the Middle East and North Africa

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