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CJ Foodville to build US bakery facility to support TOUS les JOURS growth

The 970,000sq ft facility will be capable of producing 100 million units of frozen dough and cakes as TOUS les JOURS’ seeks to reach 1,000 US stores by 2030

A TOUS les JOURS store in New Haven, Connecticut | Photo credit: TOUS les JOURS


South Korean foodservice group CJ Foodville has announced plans to build its first production facility in the US to support the growth of its TOUS les JOURS bakery-café chain. 

Founded by CJ Foodville in South Korea in 1997, TOUS les JOURS operates more than 1,650 stores globally. The bakery café chain entered the US in 2004 and reached 100 stores in August 2023. 

Following five consecutive years of profitability, CJ Foodville plans to open a further 20 US outlets by the end of this year and has a longer-term goal of reaching 1,000 US stores by 2030

Construction of the 970,000sq ft production facility will commence in Georgia over the next few months and is scheduled to be completed by 2025.  

Once fully operational, the site will serve as a crucial production hub for TOUS les JOURS stores, with an annual production capacity of more than 100 million units of frozen dough and cakes. 

“Based on our strong profitability, we have decided to establish a factory in the US to enhance our production and supply capabilities in response to the expanding scale of the TOUS les JOURS business. We are committed to promoting the unique competitiveness of the Korean Bakery, which is built upon excellent product quality in a diverse range of bread and cakes,” said Tony Hunsoo Ahn, CEO, TOUS les JOURS USA. 

TOUS les JOURS is one of eight brands under the CJ Foodville foodservice portfolio, which also includes premium steakhouse VIPS, Italian eatery The Place and noodle restaurant chain Cheiljemyunso.  

The foodservice giant also founded South Korean coffee chain A Twosome Place in 2002, before selling the business to Hong Kong-based Anchor Equity Partners for 450bn won ($422m) in 2018. 

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