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Unleash your creativity with Franke Mytico

With coffee operators under more pressure than ever before to deliver a seamless and efficient customer experience, Franke’s Mytico fully automatic coffee machines can produce a full range of milk-based beverages with improved consistency while reducing wait times

Mytico is the first product line in Franke's BeyondTraditional category and is available in two models; Due and Vario | Photo credit: Franke Coffee Systems

Awareness regarding coffee quality is steadily on the rise, in line with the increasing customer expectations. A cup of coffee has now become an irreplaceable part of the overall guest experience. However, profit margins are taking a hit from increasing costs in ingredients, energy, rent, and interest rates. Meanwhile, a worldwide staff shortage is causing an additional impact on coffee industry leaders and business owners.  


Mytico, the first product line in the recently launched product category BeyondTraditional, is an innovative addition to the wide portfolio of Franke Coffee Systems. Featuring two models, Due and Vario, this machine serves as a game-changing solution for the hospitality industry, transforming the coffee-making process into a pure delight. 


Moreover, exciting new functionalities of the Mytico were unveiled at Host 2023 in Milan, Italy:  IndividualMilk Technology provides the ultimate coffee and milk fusion experience, catering to various preferences, including those of lactose-free and vegan diets. The PrecisionFoam technology dispenses milk foam directly from a dedicated spout into the milk pitcher at the desired consistency, temperature, and quantity, while simultaneously brewing the coffee. Both technologies are available with Mytico Vario. 


The long queues of caffeine-thirsty customers cause stress for the staff and customers alike. Franke Mytico is here to relieve the pressure. With its two coffee modules, two operators can simultaneously work on the machine, effectively doubling the number of cups crafted at once. As a result, your customers will experience shorter wait times, while your business benefits from increased profitability. 

Discover more at mytico.franke.coffee  

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