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Franke’s PrecisionFoam technology: unmatched accuracy in milk foaming

New to the Mytico Vario model, Franke’s PrecisionFoam feature enables baristas to focus on customers while frothing milk to perfection

Franke’s PrecisionFoam feature in the Mytico Vario model | Photo credit: Franke


Caffeine lovers appreciate milk-based coffee beverages for their velvety texture and harmonious flavour. Milk foam plays a crucial role in crafting the most popular coffee beverages, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and flat whites.

Franke’s revolutionary PrecisionFoam is a game-changer in milk foam preparation. New to the Mytico Vario model, this optional feature allows baristas to focus on customers while frothing milk to perfection. At the same time, it maintains the captivating barista theatre that your customers love to watch. 

The technology seamlessly blends the machine’s automated functionalities with the traditional approach to milk-based coffee preparation. It empowers staff to produce milk foam tailored to the desired standards by effortlessly adjusting the quantity, temperature, and consistency.  

By simplifying the process, it spares staff from having to worry about when to remove the steam wand from the pitcher. When creating latte art, baristas have the option to either pour the foam from the PrecisionFoam spout into a jug or use the automatic steam wand to froth at the preset profile. The choice depends on the level of barista theatre you want to achieve.  


Visit Franke’s booth at the HRC tradeshow from 25-27 March in London, booth 5139.

Discover more at mytico.franke.coffee 

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