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Romania’s 5 to go to enter Slovakia in early 2024

The value-focused coffee chain plans to open 50 outlets in the central European country by 2028, starting with a store in Bratislava in the first quarter of 2024

5 to go co-Founders Lucian Bădilă (left) and Radu Savopol (right) | Photo credit: 5 to go


Romanian value-focused coffee chain 5 to go will make its debut in Slovakia with an outlet in Bratislava in early 2024. 

5 to go, which operates more than 500 stores in Romania, has set an ambitious goal of opening 50 outlets in Slovakia by 2028, as part of a wider goal of reaching 1,000 sites globally by 2027. 

“After a comprehensive analysis of the market and consumer behaviour, we are convinced that the 5 to go brand will be very well received in Slovakia, where we intend to attract and retain consumers from local communities by focusing on taste, quality, diversity, fair pricing and the relaxed atmosphere of our cafés”, said Lucian Bădilă, Co-Founder, 5 to go.   

Slovakia’s branded coffee shop market is relatively small, but the country a rich history of coffee consumption owing much to the close proximity of its capital city Bratislava to Vienna’s famous coffee houses. 

World Coffee Portal research shows the Slovakian branded coffee shop market comprises approximately 125 outlets, led by McCafé with 31 stores. Domestic chain Café Dias and Germany’s Tchibo Kaffee Bar are the next largest chains by outlets, with 17 stores each. 

Bucharest-based 5 to go achieved 55% year-on-year sales growth in the first six months of 2023 to reach €20m ($22m), 5% higher than forecast. The coffee chain’s turnover exceeded €25m ($26.2m) in August 2023. 

5 to go also plans to open two new stores in Hungary in the coming months, which will bring its footprint in the country to four sites. 5 to go made its Hungarian debut with an outlet in Budapest in June 2022.  

In a press release, 5 to go said it will explore further international opportunities over the next few years but did not specify preferred markets. 

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