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BRITA unlocks the science of water and great coffee

With water the key ingredient for great tasting coffee, BRITA delved into the science behind delivering consistent and high-quality beverages to develop its game changing PURITY C iQ water filter

'It’s all about balance’ – BRITA’s new PURITY C iQ water filter delivers water that’s consistent for all brewing methods and roasts in busy hospitality venues | Photo credit: BRITA 

Water is a magical substance – and coffee is 98% water. So, when considering the science behind coffee, BRITA seeks ideal water quality to ensure the very best quality in the cup.

Recipe for success
Chlorine in the UK’s water supply has a potent aroma and taste that’s detectable even at very low levels. With organic compounds also affecting taste, the best coffee deserves water free from these substances – but what should operators be looking for?
Water hardness should be between 50 and 175 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS) per million. We all have our own personal taste, but there’s a general consensus that when water is too hard, you’ll brew a dull, lifeless coffee. If the water is too soft, you’ll get over-extraction, creating bitterness.
It's all about balance. Alkalinity is also important – too high, and you won’t get those beautiful, delicious flavours – too low, and it’ll be too acidic. Its TDS value should be between 40 and 75 ppm, and the pH value between 6 and 8. When you get within a balanced range, then you know you're going to get a really great tasting cup of coffee.
Intelligent water filtration
In a busy high street store, operators need water that’s consistent for all brewing methods and roasts. That’s where BRITA’s new PURITY C iQ water filter comes in.
Designed for (and in partnership with) coffee professionals, the data-driven system is a game changer for the industry. PURITY C iQ combines a filter, a filter head, and the cloud-based portal to deliver accurate information. These ensure you’re hitting those perfect ranges every time, and that every cup of coffee you serve will taste just right.

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