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Water Quality is key during UK hospitality recovery

As most Covid-19 restrictions ease and UK hospitality gets back in full swing, coffee shops and cafés will benefit from a professional water filtration system to help equipment and staff run at peak performance

The last 12 months have piled extraordinary pressure on UK operators grappling with Covid-19 trading restrictions. As the hospitality industry looks towards recovery in the second half of 2021, operators face the new challenge of reactivating dormant equipment and bringing it back to peak performance to ensure smooth and profitable reopening.


Staff and the equipment they use are a hospitality business’s most valuable assets, but the quality of water that flows through a business – and makes up to 99% of hot beverages served – can have a profound impact on revenues and profit margins.


Research conducted by BRITA shows that less than one fifth (17%) of UK hot beverage operators have introduced preventative maintenance, such as water filtration, to prevent limescale build up and damage. This is despite limescale damage potentially causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to coffee equipment, as well as leading to lost sales from machine downtime and reduced beverage quality.


A BRITA Professional water filtration system can contribute to the smooth running and longevity of costly equipment, but it can also lead to greater staff efficiency and wellbeing. Some 63% of hot beverage professionals will be attending post-lockdown training sessions, to learn how to fix and maintain their equipment, helping businesses save money in the long-term. However, a fifth of hot beverage staff admitted that broken equipment would cause stress in the workplace and 40% say broken equipment would impact business’ profits.


“By letting BRITA Professional take care of your water filtration, you can rest assured that expensive repairs and equipment breakdown due to limescale build up are a concern of the past. We have developed a range of services that can be tailored to your individual needs to help you manage your water filtration requirements and ensure that filters are exchanged on time” says Steve Buckmaster, Sales Director at BRITA Professional.


In today’s highly competitive hospitality market, every hot beverage served, and every staff shift counts more than ever. Those businesses with quality water at the heart of their operations look set to enjoy a stronger and more profitable recovery in the post-pandemic market.

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