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La Cimbali M40 – The future is now

The future is the result of choices made in the present. The sustainability of resources, a revolutionary thermal system that allows significant energy savings, an improved user experience thanks to ergonomics and connectivity are La Cimbali's answers to the needs of the planet and individuals. This is the future we want now. This is M40

La Cimbali’s M40 is compact, high-performance, designed for optimal ergonomics and low energy consumption | Photo credit: Gruppo Cimbali 

Building on its history of innovation, La Cimbali is looking to the future and presenting the new M40 – a professional espresso machine developed to revamp the mid-range, guaranteeing the highest performance required by the market and always offering excellent coffee in the cup.
The latest addition to the La Cimbali range takes the baton from the M39 – one of the brand’s most iconic machines – and in line with those values – looks to the future. Cutting-edge technology, research, attention to detail, delivering innovative solutions for coffee professionals and a sustainable approach are the brand’s hallmarks to always guaranteeing high product quality.
The design introduces a modern family feeling: The M40 looks like a compact, high-performance machine. Designed with highly resistant, high-quality and durable materials to consistently ensure high quality in the cup. Furthermore, the group heads are designed for optimal ergonomics – placed in the centre of the machine and further away from the steam wands to ensure greater interaction.
The biggest innovation, however, is the revolutionary thermal system. The goal of this new technology is to meet the demands of product environmental sustainability by producing a compact machine with low energy consumption, while maintaining performance standard. Water is stored in a pre-heating boiler and then fed to the coffee group during dispensing, where it is controlled and kept constant by a thermostat. This ensures flexibility and consistency on the one hand with less energy and water wastage on the other. This new thermal system perfectly reflects LaCimbali’s desire to be innovative following the Group’s sustainable approach.

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