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Russia’s Dodo Brands launches Drinkit coffee shop in Kazakhstan

Technology-focused Drinkit follows its international debut in the UAE in January with a stand-alone store in the Kazakhstani capital of Astana

​Dodo Brands said 80% of orders were made through digital channels on Drinkit’s opening day in Astana | Photo credit: Dodo Brands


Dodo Brands has opened its first Drinkit coffee shop in Kazakhstan at the Kagzuu university campus in Astana. 

The Russian foodservice operator, which also manages the Dodo Pizza and Doner 42 fast-food brands, said the new store showcases Drinkit’s digital focus, with iPads for in-store self-ordering, an open coffee bar and a digital pick-up desk. 

Drinkit was launched in Moscow in August 2020 and encourages customers to use the Drinkit app to select, customise and order beverages, before collecting at in-store smart collection counters. 

Dodo Brands said 80% of orders were made through digital channels on Drinkit’s opening day in Astana. 

World Coffee Portal research shows the total Kazakhstani branded coffee shop market comprises more than 230 outlets, led by domestic chain Coffee Boom with 62 stores, and is forecast to reach 350 outlets by 2028. 

Alongside 10 stores in Russia, Drinkit also has a single unit in the UAE where Dodo Brands launched a dual-brand outlet in Dubai in January 2023. 

Dodo Brands plans to open more stores across Russia and the UAE this year, according to its website.  

Founded in 2011, Dodo Brands currently operates 935 stores across its three brands across 16 countries, including China, Germany and Vietnam. The foodservice operator achieved 53% sales growth last year to reach $831m. 

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