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Panera Bread introduces annual in-store beverage subscription

With one in four transactions coming from Unlimited Sip Club members, the US food-to-go and coffee chain says its new annual subscription will offer further ‘disruptive value’ to US consumers facing the rising cost of living

The Unlimited Sip Club subscription includes Panera Bread’s 26 coffee, tea and soft beverage options but excludes espresso-based drinks | Photo credit: Panera Bread


Panera Bread has introduced an annual version of its in-store beverage subscription, offering Unlimited Sip Club members a year’s worth of drinks for the price of 10 months. 

The JAB Holding-backed company first introduced its subscription service at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, which it said was the first unlimited in-store coffee subscription programme across the US. 

The programme was updated in April 2022 to include Panera Bread’s range of 26 coffee, tea and soft beverages, but excludes espresso-based drinks. 

Missouri-based Panera Bread, which operates more than 2,100 bakery cafés across the US, said the new $199 (plus tax) annual membership is exclusively available to MyPanera loyalty programme members, which is approaching 48 million customers. 

A monthly subscription service is still available for $11.99 (plus tax), with both subscription models entitling customers to one self-serve beverage every two hours.  

“We have seen incredible response to Unlimited Sip Club since we launched nationally last year, both for our guests and for our business. We’re excited to offer even more disruptive value with the annual membership. Today, one in four Panera transactions come from Unlimited Sip Club members — the programme is helping to drive transaction growth despite a highly inflationary environment, and to bring in new guests to experience everything Panera has to offer,” said Eduardo Luz, Chief Brand & Concept Officer, Panera Bread. 

Fellow JAB Holding-backed coffee chain Pret A Manger announced an overhaul its in-store beverage offer across its 440 UK stores in February 2022, ceasing sales of blended smoothies and juices to focus on barista-prepared iced beverages.  

The UK coffee and food-to-go chain said the move would improve the consistency of its £25 ($30)-a-month subscription service. 

Pret A Manger entered the US market with a store in New York in 2000 and currently operates approximately 80 outlets across the US. The coffee and food-to-go chain announced a new franchise partnership with Dallas Holdings in December 2022 to expand its US presence in New York and California. 

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