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Nguyen Coffee Supply launches RTD range at 280 North American Whole Foods Market stores

The US-based specialty Robusta coffee importer, roaster and retailer says utilising the supermarket chain’s North American store network will elevate its mission to ‘champion the Vietnamese robusta coffee movement’

Nguyen Coffee Supply ‘celebrates' fresh roasted single-origin robusta beans from Vietnam | Photo credit: Nguyen Coffee Supply


Nguyen Coffee Supply will launch its ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee cans in more than 280 Whole Foods Market supermarket stores across the US and Canada. 

Founded in 2018 by Sahra Nguyen, Nguyen Coffee Supply imports coffee through direct-trade relationships with Vietnamese farmers and roasts and retails in New York. Nguyen Coffee Supply promotes itself as the first specialty coffee company in the US to ‘celebrate, champion, and offer fresh roasted single-origin robusta beans from Vietnam’. 

The coffee roaster and retailer said it was humbled to have progressed from its ‘e-commerce roots’ to the national retail stage ‘in one of the most respected supermarkets in the world’. 

“Our mission to champion the Vietnamese robusta coffee movement continues to rocket to new heights with our cold brews launching in 280+ Whole Foods Market stores across 24 states and Canada this week. Words cannot describe the pride we feel in being able to nurture diversity and representation at this scale within the coffee world. We're beyond grateful for the opportunity to bring our delicious Vietnamese coffee to more people,” the company said. 

Nguyen Coffee Supply currently partners with a range of cafés and restaurants across 12 US states and sells packaged coffee from food markets and other retail stores across New York. 

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil, with Robusta accounting for around 95% of its annual output of 30.1 million 60kg bags. 

In January 2022, The Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association (Vicofa) announced plans to double the value of Vietnam’s coffee exports to $6bn by 2030, including increasing the proportion of processed coffee it exports from 10% to at least 25% by 2030. 

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