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Coffee Board of India partners with Amazon to boost domestic coffee consumption

India’s coffee industry representative has partnered with e-commerce giant Amazon to sell select premium coffees to Indian customers on its online marketplace

India exports 70% of its coffee overseas and accounted for 3% of global coffee exports in 2020 | Photo credit: Couleur

The Coffee Board of India has launched four premium coffees under the ‘India Coffee’ brand and two affordable coffees under the ‘Coffees of India’ brand on Amazon.

The packaged coffee will offer both Robusta and Arabica blends sourced from India’s top coffee-producing regions like Karnataka, which accounts for 71 per cent of India’s total coffee production.

The Coffee Board of India, which represents the coffee industry in the country, said that its collaboration with Amazon is expected to boost domestic coffee consumption and improve awareness of small and local coffee sellers across the country.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Coffee Board of India to allow our customers to access a range of premium quality coffee on Amazon.in. This is in line with our endeavour to offer flavours of Indian coffee at value offers with the convenience of safe and fast delivery to our customers. Indian brands find value to partner with us and sell on A.in, and this offering is an arm to boost ‘vocal for local’,” said Nishant Raman, Director – IN Consumables, Amazon India.

India is the seventh largest coffee-producing country in the world, behind Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Honduras. The country currently exports 70% of its coffee overseas.

The country’s coffee exports have increased 90% in the three months from April to June 2022 compared with the same period in 2014.

In August 2022 the Indian Government reported coffee exports as exceeding $1bn in 2020-21.

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