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Indian coffee exports exceed $1bn for the first time

The Indian Government credits domestic coffee farmers and exporters as new data shows domestic coffee exports surpassed $1bn for the first-time last year

In terms of value, Indian coffee exports rose 760 times from 1960-61 to 2020-21 | Photo credit: Lenstravelier


A twelvefold increase in coffee exports has been recorded in India over the last 60 years, culminating in exports exceeding $1bn in 2020-21, according to the Government of India’s Press Information Bureau. 

In terms of value, the agency said Indian coffee exports rose 760 times from 1960-2021.  

The $1bn landmark followed an annual 3% decline of Indian coffee exports in the decade from 2011-2021. 

India is the seventh largest coffee-producing country in the world, behind Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Honduras. It accounted for approximately 3% of global coffee exports in 2020. 

According to data from the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), a government body responsible for export promotion, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Russian are the largest importers of coffee from India, with an average total share of about 45%.  

The world's largest coffee producer Brazil also recently reported record export revenues over the last year. The Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council said coffee exports generated $8.1bn in 2021-22. 

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