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Turkey’s Espressolab launches Europe's largest coffee experience centre

The Espressolab Roastery will enhance the Turkish coffee chain’s roasting capabilities and add a new dimension in its pursuit of new customers and further global outlet growth

The Espressolab Roastery marks the company’s 100th site in Turkey | Photo credit: Espressolab


Istanbul-based Espressolab has launched its Espressolab Roastery, bringing coffee shop, roasting, workshop and bakery operations together under one roof. 

Promoted as Europe's largest coffee experience centre, Espressolab said the €5m ($4.9m) facility provides a unique coffee experience alongside ‘theoretical and practical information about coffee, concerts, workshops and art events’. 

The Espressolab Roastery is expected to increase the company’s coffee roasting capacity by 17% per month and enable it to reach its long-term target of operating 500 stores. 

"Espressolab Roastery is a very significant project in terms of conveying our to more people. We have built Europe's largest coffee experience centre. This is also a good opportunity to see how the growing coffee market in Turkey is as well," said Ersin Kefeli, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, Espressolab. 

Espressolab opened its first outlet in 2014 at Istanbul Bilgi University and now operates 165 stores globally. The Espressolab Roastery marks the company’s 100th site in Turkey. 

With plans to operate 200 outlets by the end of 2022, Espressolab also has stores in Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. 

World Coffee Portal estimates the total Turkish branded coffee shop market as comprising approximately 3,000 outlets, making it is the fifth largest market in terms of outlets across Europe. Project Café Europe 2022 predicts the market to reach 3,130 outlets by 2027. 

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