Project Café Europe 2022

Project Café Europe 2022 is Allegra World Coffee Portal’s extensive annual study on the highly diverse European branded coffee shop industry.


The report details sizing by outlets for 50 European markets, identifying the key players, changing retail footprints, competitive positioning and prospects for future growth.


Drawing on more than 20 years of in-depth research, Project Café reports are widely regarded as ‘the Bibles’ of the coffee sector, now providing the most accurate information on the US coffee shop market.


Project Café Europe 2022 will help industry stakeholders and investors to deeply understand the business, social and economic contributions of the branded coffee shops across the entire continent.


Enabling specific tailoring of your approach to the unique demands of the featured markets, Project Café Europe 2022 will help you make better informed and more successful business decisions in each market.

Project Café Europe 2022 © Allegra World Coffee Portal
Published 30th March 2022
659 pages


  • 500+ in-depth interviews, surveys and consultations with industry leaders in key markets, including CEOs and Managing Directors of major coffee chains and suppliers, as well as other key stakeholders and industry participants
  • 6,000+ online surveys with Belgian, French, German and Dutch consumers, conducted via the Allegra Insights online survey platform
  • Field research including site visits, data gathering and pricing analysis of beverages across 29 different European markets
  • Desk research across company websites, published accounts, industry associations, trade press and news articles

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