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Cropster partners with La Marzocco to improve coffee consistency in cafés

Cropster Cafe software will capture key coffee brewing metrics from La Marzocco’s Internet of Things (IoT) range, enabling café staff to achieve greater product consistency across store portfolios

Cropster Cafe provides coffee shops with greater coffee brewing consistency across groups of cafés | Photo credit: Nathan Dumloe

Cropster has partnered with La Marzocco to launch Cropster Cafe, a new piece of software designed to provide coffee shops with greater coffee brewing consistency across groups of cafés.
La Marzocco’s IoT-enabled range of machines, the Linea PB, GB5 and KB90, already capture brewing data, including brew time, brew water volume, temperature and brew yield.

However, Cropster says its new software aggregates the captured data to generate reports on machine usage and brew consistency across individual machines and stores, enabling café managers and staff to maintain consistency and provide better training across café groups. 
According to a press release, older La Marzocco models can also be retrofitted with the technology via the Italian manufacturer’s global network of distributors.
“Understanding brew consistency across locations, teams and equipment is an enormous challenge for cafe owners as they strive to maintain a consistent customer experience while minimizing variable costs. Busy baristas clearly should not focus on creating manual brew logs but on making delicious beverages and providing a great customer experience,” said Isabelle Verschraegen, product manager for Cropster Cafe.
Austria-based Cropster produces a range of software tools designed to foster supply chain connectivity between coffee producers, green coffee buyers, Q graders, roasters and distributors. However, the new software marks Cropster’s first major foray into retail café operations.  
“Cropster has proven their ability to innovate and add value to coffee roasters worldwide with ‘Cropster Roast’ software. Given their track record, partnering to be the launch partner of Cropster Café for La Marzocco internet connected machines was a simple decision,” said Scott Guglielmino, Senior Product Manager, La Marzocco.

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