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Minor Figures becomes a B Corp

The London-based oatmilk and ready-to-drink coffee brand has joined 4,800+ companies around the world that have achieved 80 points or more after completing the rigorous B Corp assessment process 

Minor Figures has attained B Corp certification with a score of 81.8 points | Photo credit: Cristi Ursea

Minor Figures has become one of the few companies in the world to both attain B Corp certification and become 100% carbon neutral.
The UK-based oatmilk and ready-to-drink coffee brand scored 81.8 points following a comprehensive assessment of its operations that began in June 2020.
“The B Corp Certification is more than just a sustainability label. It’s also a movement, with the collective goal of transforming the global economy to benefit people, communities, and the planet (the ‘triple bottom line’). The systems we currently have in place value profit over people, are built on extreme inequality, and rely on pillaging the earth’s natural resources. B Corps reject this and value equity, interdependence, and regeneration above all else,” wrote Minor Figures on its website announcing its B Corp certification.
B Corp certification evaluates a company’s performance across five impact areas –governance, workers, community, environment, and customers – ­to produce a holistic assessment operational impact.
Candidates must score a minimum of 80 points across impact areas to become B Corp-certified and must complete the recomplete assessment every three years.
According to B Corp, the average score among typical companies is 50.9. With achieving a perfect score virtually impossible, even attaining the minimum 80 points demonstrates an above and beyond commitment to having a positive operational impact.
Minor Figures joins a growing number of coffee industry businesses that have achieved B Corp certification, including Sustainable Harvestillycaffè, Counter Culture Coffee, Caravel Coffee, Alpro, Origin, and Coffee Collective.

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