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Vollers Group to rebrand Cropster Hub as V-Hub following acquisition

German logistics company Vollers Group has announced it will acquire online green coffee marketplace Cropster Hub  

Vollers Group plans to develop a ‘seamless buying and selling experience' | Photo credit: Vollers Group

Vollers Group has announced it will acquire online green coffee marketplace Cropster Hub. The financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, however, the German logistics firm said it plans to develop a ‘seamless buying and selling experience, including logistical background processes and the final delivery of coffees.’ 

The online marketplace will be renamed V-Hub following the sale. 

Founded in 2015, Cropster Hub is a green coffee trading platform connecting traders and buyers, created by farm-to-cup supply chain software company Cropster. 

“We realised a while ago that to continue its journey and growth Hub needed additional services like logistics and all the advantages deeper integration into core processes can bring,” said Cropster CEO Andreas Idl. 

“Vollers excels in all the areas Hub needs to grow, they share our original vision, passion and values when it comes to Hub, it’s partners and buyers. We’re excited to see where they take it next,” added Idl. 

Bremen-headquartered Vollers Group has been providing logistics services for more than 85 years, specialising in the coffee, cocoa, tea and metals sectors. The company currently has 11 port and logistics locations in West, Central and Eastern Europe and employs 320 people.

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