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Lavazza and Slow Food launch new coffee sustainability network

The Slow Food Coalition is intended to unite all stakeholders in the global coffee supply chain to promote environmental sustainability and profitability across the coffee industry

The Slow Food Coalition aims to create a platform for collaboration across the global coffee supply chain | Photo credit: Diego Lugo

In a joint press release, Lavazza and Slow Food said the Slow Food Coalition intends to
create a new model for sustainable relationships in the coffee supply chain.
By providing a platform for collaboration between growers, roasters, distributors and consumers, the network aims to improve biodiversity, food security, social inclusion and rights, transparency and traceability in the global coffee industry.
A manifesto outlines the role these stakeholders can play in ensuring farmer profitability at origin, promoting environmental sustainability, and preserving coffee quality and diversity.
“In the founding concept of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition there is an assumption of responsibility and a sharing of rights and duties. Said Giuseppe Lavazza,” Vice President, Lavazza Group.
“It will be an open working group, whose importance will become increasingly evident in a composite supply chain such as that of coffee. The need to construct alliances in the precompetitive sphere to develop knowledge, planning and content is therefore more and more clear.”
Founded in Italy in 1986, Slow Food has grown into a global movement promoting the values of sustainable, locally produced food and aims to support smallholder farmers in the global food supply chain.
In April 2021, Lavazza pledged to spend €50m promoting sustainability practices over the coming year. Announcing its ‘Roadmap to Zero’ plan, the Italian coffee roaster set a target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 by offsetting indirect emissions from all aspects of its supply chains.

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