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Episode 113: Antipodean influence and the thriving London brunch scene

In today's episode we're exploring the Antipodean influence on London's brunch culture and finding out how this unique style of hospitality made its mark in the UK capital’s fiercely competitive casual dining scene.
We'll be speaking with the founders behind three of London’s iconic Antipodean-inspired all-day restaurants to find out how brunch culture has evolved across the city, and how they design and develop their mouth-watering menus. 

We'll hear from Miles Kirby, Co-founder and Chef Director, Caravan Restaurants and Caravan Coffee Roasters, Shelagh Ryan, Co-founder and Food Director, Lantana, and Elliot Milne, Founder, Milk Beach.

Credits music: "Hold on to Us" by The Dunwells, Daisy Chute and Hollie Rogers in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Miles Kirby

Miles Kirby

Co-founder & Chef Director, Caravan

Miles Kirby is the Co-founder and Chef Director at Caravan, an antipodean-inspired all day dining chain and coffee roasting business in London. Founded in 2009, Caravan now operates eight restaurants across the city iand will be opening its first restaurant in Manchester in Summer 2024.

Shelagh Ryan

Shelagh Ryan

Co-founder and Food Director, Lantana

Shelagh Ryan co-founded Lantana Café in 2008 to introduce to London everything she loved and missed about the thriving Australian café culture back home. Lantana now operate three restaurants across the city and has recently expanded into the corporate dining space.
Elliot Milne

Elliot Milne

Founder, Milk Beach

Elliot Milne is the founder of Australian-inspired restaurant Milk Beach. Opening the first site in North London in 2018, Milk Beach quickly became a local favourite, gathering praise and awards from critics and customers alike, before opening a second site in bustling Soho in 2022.
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