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Episode 114: Bold, fearless adventures - A conversation with Todd Carmichael

In today’s episode, we’re speaking with a true industry legend - Todd Carmichael, specialty coffee pioneer and Co-founder of La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

From humble beginnings, Todd founded La Colombe with his business partner JP Iberti in Philadelphia in 1994 and together, they grew the business into one of the most influential coffee brands in North America. In 2023 La Colombe was fully acquired by yoghurt giant Chobani for an incredible $900m.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Todd is an inventor, philanthropist, TV personality and fearless adventurer. His latest project Loftiwater is a ground-breaking non-carbon gas sparkling beverage that infuses water, natural flavourings and blended gasses into a refreshing beverage.

In this candid conversation, Todd shares how relentless creativity, innovation and risk-taking drove La Colombe to success. He also reflects on his childhood and the profound impact coffee has had in shaping his resilient and creative mindset.

Credits music: "If I Fall" by Christie Huff in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Todd Carmichael

Todd Carmichael

Co-founder, La Colombe

Todd Carmichael is the co-founder and former CEO of La Colombe - a highly influential coffee businesses in the USA. An unstoppable beverage pioneer, Carmichael is credited for fathering several key movements in the coffee and beverage space, including The Third Wave Coffee Movement, Cold Brew Coffee, Texturized Cold Beverages such as the Draft Latte and a range of Self- Foaming and Effervescence Technologies including Shimmering bubbles.


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