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Episode 82: New York City entrepreneurs: Gumption Coffee

This week we’re back in New York City for the New York Coffee Festival 2023!

Over the next three days we’re bringing you exclusive interviews with the founders of three highly successful boutique coffee businesses in New York. First up we speak with Hazel de los Reyes and Clare Lim, Co-founders Gumption Coffee

In this conversation we discuss their belief in the transformational power of coffee, the lessons they’ve learned in setting up in New York City, and the importance of being fearless and inspiring trust within your teams.

Credits music:  New York Makes Me Cry by Abrielle Scharff in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Hazel de los Reyes and Clare Lim

Hazel de los Reyes and Clare Lim

Co-founders Gumption Coffee

Hazel de los Reyes and Clare Lim founded Coffee Alcemy over 20 years ago in Australia and brought Gumption Coffee to Brooklyn in 2018. They now have coffee shops and roastery operations in New York, Australia and Singapore.
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