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Episode 92: Marta Pogroszewska Live @ The European Coffee Symposium

Last week marked the 15th year of the Allegra European Coffee Symposium, held in Barcelona. This high profile event welcomed leaders from across Europe’s coffee and hospitality industry for three days of networking, one-on-one meetings, thought leadership and the annual European Coffee Awards.

As part of the conference programme, we were delighted to host a series of exclusive interviews with some of the industry’s most celebrated business leaders in the first ever 5THWAVE Podcast Live.

And today, we’re bringing you the first of those interviews in full, and speaking with Marta Pogroszewska, Managing Director of GAIL’s Bakery. 

GAIL’s is a highly successful boutique bakery chain with 127 bakeries in the UK and are renowned for their people-centric approach to business.

In this conversation Marta shares stories from her incredible career and the secrets behind GAIL’s successful hiring and people development programmes.

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Marta Pogroszewska

Marta Pogroszewska

Managing Director, GAILs Bakery

Registered in England. Company No. 8736608
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