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Episode 95: Colombian coffee: The big opportunity abroad

Today is the third and final part of our series exploring the Colombian coffee market and in this episode we’re discussing the enduring appeal of Colombian coffee abroad.

We'll speak with Victor Gamboa, Santiago Gamboa, and Adnan Millwala, Co-founders of Hermanos Coffee Roasters in London. In this conversation they discuss adapting Colombian coffee to UK consumer preferences and how they communicate their Colombian heritage to their customers. 

We’ll also hear from industry guru, Tim Wendelboe who shares his passion for Colombian coffee, why he invested in a Colombian farm and why the country's coffees are so highly revered around the world.

Credits music: "Serendipia" by London-based Colombian artist Eliana Echeverry in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Victor Gamboa, Santiago Gamboa, and Adnan Millwala

Victor Gamboa, Santiago Gamboa, and Adnan Millwala

Co-founders, Hermanos Coffee Roasters

Santiago, Victor, and Adnan started Hermanos with a shared passion for country and specialty coffee and a vision to the warmth, vibrance, and knowledge of Colombia to the world. Today, they have 9 sites and a roastery in London plus a substantial online and wholesale business.
Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe

Founder. Tim Wendelbow

Tim Wendelboe runs his own roastery and espresso bar in Oslo, Norway where he imports, roast and serve high quality coffees. In 2015, Tim purchased a 7 hectare coffee farm in Huila, Colombia with a goal to learn how to raise coffee quality and increase production with regenerative farming practices.
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