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Episode 97: Democratising specialty coffee in Spain - A conversation with Yassir Rais, Syra Coffee

In today’s episode we’re speaking with Yassir Rais, Founder and CEO of Spanish specialty coffee business, Syra Coffee.

Founded in 2015 in Barcelona, Syra Coffee has rapidly grown in recent years and now has an impressive 43 sites across 7 cities in Spain as well as a formidable B2C roasting business.

In this conversation Yassir explores the inherent relationship between design, architecture and specialty coffee and shares his mission to democratise great coffee by making it accessible and affordable to all consumers.

Credits music: "Broken Ground" by Kavalla in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Yassir Rais

Yassir Rais

CEO & Founder, Syra Coffee

Yassir Rais is the Founder and CEO of Spanish specialty coffee business Syra Coffee. Following an education in architecture, Rais founded Syra Coffee in Barcelona in 2015. With a focus on small-format takeaway stores, the brand now has 43 sites across seven cities in Spain and a formidable B2C roasting business.
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