| 26 mins

Episode 89: Intro to Colombian coffee - with Caravela Coffee

In this episode were kicking off a new mini series on the Colombian coffee market, exploring the trends and development of this vast and diverse coffee growing country.

First up, we speak with Alejandro Cadena, CEO & Co-founder of specialty green coffee exporter, Caravela Coffee, to get an overview of the producer market and Colombias different growing regions.

In this conversation, Alejandro unpacks Colombias rich tapestry of microclimates and coffee varietals and discusses the growing impact of coffee farm consolidation.

Credits music: "Un Weekend Contigo" by Marley in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Alejandro Cadena

Alejandro Cadena

CEO & Founder, Caravela Coffee

Alejandro Cadena is the CEO and Founder of Caravela Coffee - a specialty green coffee importer and exporter. Founded in 2000, Caravela has operations in 12 countries around the world, including their native Colombia, and exports high-grade specialty coffee from 4,000 farms across Latin America.

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