| 34 mins

Bonus: An unrelenting focus on personal growth - with Ross Quail

Jeffrey Young speaks with Ross Quail, Sales Director South Asia for Hemro International, and learns Ross' perspectives on the long term impacts of Covid-19 on the Australian cafe market, the future of espresso and how he helped grow St Ali, a Melbourne cafe roaster, from 100kg a week to 10 tonnes a week. 

Ross' career is an extraordinary case study on what you can achieve in your coffee career when you keep an unrelenting focus on your personal growth. We're releasing this full interview with Ross Quail as a bonus episode because we believe it's worth a listen. 


Ross Quail

Ross Quail

South Asia Sales Director, Hemro International

A coffee professional with a career spanning 20+ years, Quail has worked as a barista, roaster, green coffee buyer, and was part owner of Sensory lab and St Ali in Melbourne, Australia. More recently, Quail worked as the Sales Director for Slayer Espresso for Asia Pacific.
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