The Non-Specialists Report UK 2024

The Non-Specialists Report UK 2024 is Allegra World Coffee Portal's strategic analysis of the UK's supplementary out-of-home coffee market

The demand for ever greater convenience, and the desire for coffee out-of-home, has enabled many consumer facing businesses to partner their core retail concept with a strong coffee offer. This may take the form of an in-house café, a premium self-serve offer, or a combination of both. This report will explore the scale of this market, and how businesses have diversified their concept and appeal to a broader range of consumers


Allegra World Coffee Portal topic reports look beyond the branded coffee chain market and analyse in-depth different components of the wider coffee industry. The topic report series covers coffee automation, coffee at home, coffee roasters, independent operators, non-specialist operators, and the future of coffee


The Non-Specialists Report UK 2024 identifies the size of the UK non-specialists market in terms of sites, sales and growth rates, providing an in-depth strategic examination of the current retail environment. With in-depth consumer research, industry consultations, and analysis of key market topics, the report unpacks key opportunities and potential future barriers to growth


The Non-Specialists Report UK 2024 will help your organisation tailor its approach to the unique demands of this market, facilitating better informed business decisions

Available 20 May 2024

The Automation Report UK 2023 key features:
  • Market sizing for the UK non-specialists coffee market, tracking five year growth and future projections
  • Over 2,000 online surveys with UK non-specialists out-of-home coffee consumers
  • Over 100 online surveys, consultations and in-depth interviews with leading industry insiders in the UK
  • In-depth profiles of major branded non-specialist operators in the UK, including key company and supplier information
  • Pricing analysis of major non-specialist operators including latte, cappuccino, flat white and espresso beverages

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