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Star8 to scale Café Domino after acquiring parent company Impagliazzo Holdings

The US investment group is set to scale the coffee roaster’s distribution beyond its home state of Florida by the end of the 2024 and plans to open a flagship café in Miami

Café Domino is seeking to open a flagship café in Miami’s Little Havana neighbourhood | Photo credit: Café Domino/Facebook


US investment group Star8 Corporation has acquired Impagliazzo Holdings Group, owner of Florida-based coffee roaster Café Domino, for an undisclosed sum. 

As part of the deal, Star8 has relocated its headquarters to Miami, Florida, and appointed Impagliazzo Holdings Group President Pino Impagliazzo as its new CEO. 

In a press release, Star8 said its relocation will leverage ‘the vibrant business environment and logistical advantages of Miami’ to fuel the company’s expansion. 

While Impagliazzo Holdings Group also has interests in real estate, the acquisition by Star8 is set to primarily provide growth opportunities for its Café Domino brand. 

The business, which currently sells ground, wholebean and coffee pod products via its e-commerce site, announced distribution deals with several grocery retailers across Florida in May 2024, which will see its products stocked in nearly 100 locations across the state. 

Café Domino is expected to begin retail distribution in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the fourth quarter of 2024 and reach an additional 120 supermarkets within the next 12 months. 

“In just three short years, Café Domino has secured over 350 accounts including boutiques, grocery retail, and large restaurant chains. Café Domino’s sales have increased over the last quarter, reflecting its strong market presence and growing consumer demand. With over 10 million cups of Domino’s coffee brewed, we are in an aggressive growth stage with a goal to become the coffee of choice nationwide,” said Impagliazzo. 

Café Domino is also seeking to open a flagship coffee shop in Miami’s Little Havana neighbourhood which it said will serve as a hub celebrating the rich coffee culture of the city

Alongside its coffee products, Café Domino also sells commercial and at-home coffee machines for Carimali, Casadio, Elektra and Bellezza. The business was acquired by Impagliazzo Holdings in 2020. 

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