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Gail’s begins serving MOMA oatmilk across its UK stores

MOMA Oat Barista Professional will be available at 127 Gails stores following several years of joint research and development

Gail's and MOMA worked for three years to develop the oatmilk recipe | Photo credit: MOMA

Gail’s has introduced MOMA Oat Barista Professional across its 127 UK outlets, replacing a previous partnership with Oatly


Announcing the partnership on social media, Gail’s said it worked with London-based MOMA for three years to create the recipe for use in its stores. 


Founded in 2006, London-based MOMA sources, mills, processes and produces its oatmilk and porridge ranges in the UK all within a 100-mile radius to ‘significantly’ reduce its carbon footprint.  


The business also promotes that its oatmilk is made with a with an ‘oat, water and enzyme base’ rather than concentrated oat syrup, a process that ‘helps retain as much natural fibre and protein’ from oats as possible. 


MOMA signed its first retail partnership with Waitrose in 2009 with an oat-based breakfast range. The brand launched its oat drink range in UK supermarkets in 2020 and has since scaled its retail footprint to also include Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-op, Wholefoods and Morrison’s. 


“We are incredibly proud of this partnership. Gail’s focus on quality produce pairs perfectly with our ambition to deliver excellent oat coffees,” MOMA said on LinkedIn. 


World Coffee Portal data shows oatmilk was the favoured dairy alternative for UK coffee shop visitors in 2023. More than a quarter (28.5%) of consumers surveyed said they typically order oatmilk with their beverage – ahead of coconut milk (16.4%), almond milk (16.2%) and soya milk (12.9%). 

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