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UK bubble tea chain Mooboo to launch new specialty coffee shop, Daku Coffee

Founder Eric Khaw says Daku Coffee’s menu wil focus solely on specialty coffee produced from an in-house roastery

Daku Coffee will feature an on-site roastery and focus on the ‘art and science of coffee roasting’ | Photo credit: Mooboo


London-based bubble tea chain Mooboo is set to launch a new specialty coffee chain, Daku Coffee, in March 2024. 

The High Street Kensington store will contain an on-site roastery to focus on the ‘art and science of coffee roasting’ in what Mooboo has described as a ‘ground-breaking concept hitting the UK for the first time’. 

Founder Eric Khaw told World Coffee Portal that Daku Coffee will be ‘solely dedicated to the mastery of coffee craftsmanship’ and will not sell any food or snacks in-store. 

“Daku Coffee is an exclusive purveyor of specialty coffee. Our specialty lies in the use of decentralised roasting technology, ensuring that every bean is roasted on-site for maximum freshness and flavour,” he said. 

Khaw founded Mooboo in August 2012 and has overseen its expansion to more than 100 franchised stores across the UK – primarily in London. 

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