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Frank and Honest self-serve coffee boosts Centra’s record €2.1bn sales

Parent company Musgrave Group currently operates more than 900 self-serve Frank and Honest coffee machines across its Centra and Supervalu convenience store network in the Republic of Ireland

Centra said its Frank and Honest sales grew 9% year-on-year in 2023 | Photo credit: Centra


Irish convenience chain Centra has credited the development of its Frank and Honest self-serve coffee machine network as a key driver of its 2023 sales. 

The Cork-based business posted record sales of €2.1bn ($2.26bn) last year, driven by strong performances in its coffee, on-the-go breakfast and convenience meal offerings. 

Frank and Honest is owned by Irish grocery wholesaler Musgrave Group. There are currently more than 900 self-serve coffee machine units in operation across the Republic of Ireland within Musgrave Group’s Centra and Supervalu convenience stores.   

Centra, which has 496 stores across the Republic of Ireland, said self-serve Frank and Honest sales grew 9% year-on-year in 2023, with new iced coffee machines currently available at 65 stores expected to be introduced at further locations in 2024 following positive customer feedback.  

The Irish convenience store chain plans to open 20 new stores and refurbish 40 existing outlets this year. In January 2023, Musgrave Group said Frank and Honest self-serve coffee machines were a key part of its expansion plans amid rising demand for value-focused coffee across the Republic of Ireland. 

World Coffee Portal research shows price consciousness is the most important consumer consideration in the Irish coffee shop market, according to industry leaders surveyed.  

Project Café Ireland 2023 also found that 55% of consumers surveyed had purchased a beverage from a premium vending or self-service machine in the 12 months to April 2023. A further 35% said they preferred to order beverages via a self-service machine than at an in-store counter when given the choice. 

Musgrave Group also operates 229 Frank and Honest self-serve machines across Northern Ireland within its Centra, SuperValu and Mace convenience store network. 

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