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Thailand’s Café Amazon seeking to open 300 outlets annually

The value-focused operator opened 286 net new stores in Thailand last year to exceed 4,550 sites and is seeking to strengthen its market leader position

PTT OR plans to build a coffee knowledge hub in Lampang to boost supply to its Café Amazon stores | Photo credit: PTT OR


Thailand’s PTT Oil and Retail Business (PTT OR) has outlined plans to open 300 new Café Amazon outlets annually. 

In a press release, the Bangkok-based oil and retail business said it was focused on ‘embracing new opportunities for expansion and innovation across the globe’. The plans also involve expanding its petrol station footprint by 100 new PTT Stations each year and growing its health and beauty segment. 

PTT OR opened 299 net new Café Amazon stores in 2023 to reach 4,552 outlets across 11 markets globally. The value-focused coffee chain increased its domestic footprint by 286 sites last year to reach 4,159 stores – 54% of which are in PTT OR-owned petrol stations.  

Café Amazon’s international footprint currently comprises nearly 400 sites across Cambodia, China, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. 

“In line with our global aspirations, we are keenly focused on cultivating strategic partnerships and expanding our international footprint. Our approach is not just about entering new markets but about creating value that resonates on a global scale,” said Disathat Panyarachun, CEO, PTT OR. 

In January 2024, PTT OR announced plans to build a coffee knowledge hub in Thailand’s Lampang province to boost supply to its domestic stores. The 240-acre Amazon Park site will operate as an ‘open organic farm’ and R&D hub, educating Thai coffee farmers on its plantations on cultivating and harvesting premium quality arabica and robusta coffee.   

Alongside Café Amazon, PTT OR’s food and beverage portfolio also includes more than 220 Texas Chicken, Pacamera Coffee Roasters and Pearly Tea stores. Collectively, its F&B segment achieved 9.5% year-on-year sales growth in the 12 months ending 31 December 2023 to reach THB 15.3bn ($425m), with EBITDA rising 8% to THB 439m ($12.2m).   

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