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Second Cup Coffee Company seeking franchisees for US debut

The global division of Canadian coffee chain Second Cup Café currently operates in 18 markets globally, with a notable presence across the Middle East and North Africa

Second Cup now operates 170 stores across 18 markets | Photo credit: Second Cup Coffee Company


Second Cup Coffee Company is seeking new franchise partners to facilitate its market entry in the US. 

Founded in Toronto in 1975, Second Cup split into two business entities in 2009 – one to manage stores in Canada, now under the Second Cup Café banner, and the other, Second Cup Coffee Company, to operate in international markets. 

Second Cup now operates 170 stores across 18 markets, with a strong international presence in Pakistan, Ghana, Egypt and Cyprus. 

The coffee chain is currently laying the groundwork for expansion into the 40,000-store US branded coffee shop market and is seeking multi-unit franchise partners to expedite the move.  

“We are excited to bring Second Cup Global to the USA, and we are looking for multi-unit franchise partners in select regions of the USA, who share our passion for the hospitality industry and our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing,” said Jim Ragas, President and CEO, Second Cup Coffee Company. 

The US branded coffee shop market is poised for significant outlet growth over the next 12 months, with World Coffee Portal research forecasting more than 1,200 net new stores by September 2024 and 5,000 by 2028. 

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