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Raining Berries sees UK market as key to European expansion

The US health-focused coffee chain says it expects to ‘take Europe by storm’ as it targets a first UK outlet this year and more than 20 stores across the country by 2026

Raining Berries currently operates franchised eight outlets across Florida | Photo credit: Raining Berries


US coffee chain Raining Berries is seeking to open its first UK location this year ahead of planned European expansion. 

Launched in 2018, Raining Berries currently operates eight franchised outlets across Florida, with a further eight under construction.  

In November 2022, Raining Berries Founder and CEO Bimal Bhojani said he planned to open Raining Berries’ first UK site in 2023 and would seek to open between 20-40 stores across the country within three years. 

Raining Berries has now identified more than 250 potential UK locations, according to Propel

“I think if we can get into the UK market, we’ll take Europe by storm. If we can get 20-40 stores sold in groups of five within two to three years, with eight to ten franchisees, the rest will be organic growth and give us the exposure for mainland Europe, which I anticipate happening fairly quickly,” he said. 

Alongside its espresso-based coffee menu, Raining Berries also offers a range of health-focused food and beverages, including smoothies, açaí-based bowls, herbal teas and kombucha. 

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