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Coffee packaging company NuZee signs manufacturing deal with Apffels

NuZee says Apffels’ facility in California will enhance the efficiency and sustainability of its production processes and provide new roasting and coffee co-packing capabilities

The headquarters of California-based coffee roaster Apffels | Photo credit: NuZee


Texas-based coffee packaging and private label solutions provider NuZee has entered into a manufacturing agreement with California-based coffee roaster Apffels. 

NuZee has invested in Apffels’ existing manufacturing space in the state, expanding its capabilities with specialised equipment to produce single serve, pour over and coffee bag ranges, which it retails under the Twin Peaks Coffee, Coffee Blenders and Dripkit brands. 

Founded in New Zealand in 2011, NuZee provides packaging solutions for coffee brands such Farmer Brothers, Brewbike and Golden Ratio. 

The Apffels agreement, which will reportedly see NuZee expand its product portfolio to include roasted coffees, will also enable the Texas-based company to test its TiMELESS one-way valve technology across the US.  

“Apffels is an excellent partnership, as it has the capability to manufacture our single serve formats, provide capabilities like roasting and coffee co-packing, and facilitate the execution of the TiMELESS methodology for sealing our coffee bags. We expect significantly increased efficiency, reduced logistical costs, and access to more sustainable manufacturing practices," said Masa Higashida, CEO, NuZee. 

“Through its partnership with NuZee, Apffels is excited to embrace new single-serve coffee formats that deliver sustainability, convenience, and exceptional coffee quality and to start testing the innovative TiMELESS technology in an effort to reduce valve consumption,” added Darryl Blunk, CEO, Apffels. 

NuZee currently has manufacturing facilities in California and Tennessee in the US, as well as in Seoul, South Korea.  

In December 2022, NuZee launched a new range of ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee and tea products in the South Korean market under its Coffee Blenders brand. 

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