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Panera Bread introduces Drive-Thru Pick-Up ordering

Panera app and website users can now select drive-thru stores when ordering ahead in a move the food-to-go and coffee chain says will cater to growing demand for convenience among US consumers

A Panera Bread drive-thru store | Photo credit: Panera Bread

Panera Bread has added a new pick-up ordering function for its drive-thru stores across the US.
Drive-Thru Pick-up enables Panera app and web users to order ahead to certain drive-thru locations, enabling greater ‘convenience, customisation, speed and ease’ for customers.
The new function means customers will only need to say their name at a selected drive-thu location to receive their order.
“Panera pioneered the idea of digital ordering in the restaurant industry, and for years, our guests have loved the option to order ahead and pick their items up on the Rapid Pick-Up shelf. Now we’re extending that convenience to the drive-thru, giving our guests another fast and convenient way to get their favourite Panera meal,” said Chris Correnti, SVP, Channels and Guest Experience, Panera Bread.
Drive-thru and seamless digital transactions are an important revenue streams for Panera Bread. The JAB Holding-backed chain recently trialled smaller ‘urban’ format ‘Panera To Go’ stores focused on pick-up and to-go orders and introduced Alexa voice ordering in March 2023.
Around 40% of the Panera’s 2,121 stores in the US and Canada are drive-thru, with around 50% of sales made digitally and some three million transactions per week made its Panera app, kiosk and web platforms. 
The MyPanera digital loyalty programme has gained more than 53 million members since launching in 2010.
Underlining the growing shift towards convenience in the US branded coffee shop market, 66% and 59% of US industry leaders surveyed by World Coffee Portal in 2022 indicated curbside pick-up and cashless payment would continue to gain ground after strong adoption during the pandemic.

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