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How Mahlkönig embraced the home barista revolution

Mahlkönig, the renowned professional grinder manufacturer, has embraced the home barista revolution with its game changing X54 Allround Home grinder. Favoured by  influential baristas, this grinder is designed to cater to the diverse needs of dedicated coffee enthusiasts brewing at home

Striking the perfect balance between style and functionality, the X54 Allround Home grinder is now available with a 250g short hopper | Photo credit: Mahlkönig

With the rise of online educational resources and the impact of pandemic-related hospitality closures, coffee lovers are increasingly seeking high-quality brews in the comfort of their own homes. The popularity of brewing methods like Espresso, AeroPress, V60, Chemex, and French Press has soared. However, each method requires a specific coffee grind size to achieve the perfect cup.
Recognising the tremendous potential of the home coffee market, Mahlkönig created the X54 Allround Home grinder to streamline the brewing process for home baristas. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops filled with multiple grinders for different brewing methods. The X54 offers an all-in-one solution, effortlessly allowing you to switch between various brewing methods.
Equipped with premium burrs, this grinder ensures consistent grinding uniformity, enabling you to achieve the desired particle size for each brewing method. Its extensive range of grind settings accommodates fine grinds for espresso or coarse grinds for cold brews with unparalleled precision.
Available in classic black, white, and chrome, the X54 not only enhances your coffee brewing experience but also adds a personal touch to your setup. Its compact design, now featuring a 250g short hopper, strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality. You can easily store it while enjoying the performance that rivals that of professional coffee shop grinders.


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