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Cooks Coffee Company posts record UK and Ireland store sales for 2022

The New Zealand-based company, which operates the Esquires and Triple Two coffee chains, says strong sales performance in 2022 highlights both its resurgence from the pandemic and growth potential for the year ahead

Cooks Coffee Company currently operates 51 Esquires stores in the UK and 13 in Ireland | Photo credit: Cooks Coffee Company


Cooks Coffee Company, parent company of the Esquires and Triple Two coffee chains, has reported record sales in the UK and Ireland for 2022. 

The New Zealand-based company said year-on-year UK sales increased 41% in the 12 months ended 31 December 2022, while sales in Ireland rose 91% compared to 2021. 

Cooks Coffee Company currently operates 51 Esquires stores in the UK and 13 in Ireland, as well as 21 Triple Two outlets in the UK.  

Esquires reached its 50-store milestone in the UK in January 2023 and Cooks Coffee Company plans to open four further sites before the end of March 2023. Three new Triple Two stores are also expected to open within the same period. 

“These café sales results highlight the resurgence and growth of the business and in this instance surpass those published by other industry leaders. The Cooks Coffee franchise model promotes individual entrepreneurship and local community engagement, which appears to be resonating both with people who want to partner with us to open new sites and existing franchisees looking to grow their businesses through innovative new offerings. Having emerged from the pandemic in a healthy position, the company is now focused on organic growth of the existing network,” said Keith Jackson, Executive Chairman, Cooks Coffee Company. 

Cooks Coffee Company’s financial year ends on 31 March, with full-year results announced in June 2023. 

In November 2022, Cooks Coffee Company completed its dual listing on the Aquis Stock Exchange, an independent growth index separate from the London Stock Exchange.  

The company is also listed on New Zealand’s Exchange, although it currently has no operating assets in the country. 

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