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Consistency is king: Brewing quality coffee experiences with Franke Mytico

Coffee consumers are becoming increasingly aware of coffee quality. Franke Coffee Systems’ innovative Mytico coffee machine enables baristas to produce high-quality beverages consistently, day after day

Mytico coffee machines features cutting-edge technology for barista-grade coffee beverages | Photo credit: Franke Coffee Systems


Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly aware of coffee quality, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of their beloved beverages. Coffee enthusiasts may find a variety of great coffee everywhere! But what sets apart a one-time coffee experience from the go-to spot they revisit again and again? It is all about consistency.    

Customers expect great-tasting coffee drinks wherever they go. A positive experience can turn a first-time guest into a loyal customer. On the other hand, one disappointing visit might be their last.   

Franke Coffee Systems understands this challenge, and their innovative Mytico coffee machine is here to back you up.     

This groundbreaking coffee solution features cutting-edge technology for barista-grade coffee beverages. Once set up, it recreates your guests’ favourite drinks with the same consistently high quality, day after day. Mytico supports your baristas, allowing them to concentrate on what truly matters: warm smiles and friendly chats. This not only helps build trust in your brand, but also turns visitors into loyal customers.    

Thanks to the revolutionary iQFlow technology, every automatic pour guarantees the same exceptional coffee quality your customer savoured yesterday. It allows you to get the most out of every single coffee bean and craft the unique beverages your customers crave.   

No matter what they choose, top quality is a promise. Make consistency your competitive advantage with Franke Mytico.      


Discover more at mytico.franke.coffee  

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