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Kaldi’s Coffee announces merger with Dancing Goats Coffee

The deal will see Kaldi’s Coffee use Dancing Goats’ Atlanta roastery to ship its branded coffee, with the latter’s eight cafés and roastery in Washington retaining their original branding

Dancing Goats Coffee operates eight cafés and two roasteries across Washington and Georgia | Photo credit: Kaldi’s Coffee


Missouri-based specialty coffee roaster and café chain Kaldi’s Coffee has announced a merger with Washington-based Dancing Goats Coffee. 

Kaldi’s Coffee, which operates 11 outlets in Missouri and four stores in Georgia, previously partnered with Dancing Goats in the late 2000s for adual-branded retail packaged coffee range sold across outlets of both businesses. 

In a press release, Kaldi’s Coffee said roasting, café and wholesale operations would continue without disruption. 

However, the merger will enable Kaldi’s Coffee to serve new customers across Georgia, with Dancing Goats’ Atlanta roastery distributing branded Kaldi’s Coffee products with immediate effect. 

Despite the change in management, Dancing Goats’ eight cafés in Washington and Georgia will continue operating under their original branding. 

“What makes us most excited about this unification is adding more experienced coffee professionals to our team. Dancing Goats Coffee were pioneers, leading the way for many other roasters. We feel very fortunate to carry on their legacy and to build on their years of experience and success,” said Tyler Zimmer, co-owner of Kaldi’s Coffee. 

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