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Octane Coffee debuts fully automated drive-thru concept in Wisconsin

Following several construction and planning setbacks, Octane Coffee has launched a fully automated drive-thru café capable of making 800 cups of coffee a day

Fully stocked, the Octane Coffee unit can make 800 cups of coffee each day | Photo credit: Octane Coffee


Octane Coffee has launched an automated, drive-thru café capable of serving customers coffee and other beverages in under 30 seconds. 

Adrian Deasy founded Octane Coffee in 2018 seeking to build the “world’s fastest coffee drive-thru.” 

Following several setbacks, including rising construction costs and ongoing upgrades to its robotic technologies, Octane Coffee’s first unit has launched in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. 

Deasy said Octane’s “robotic server” GPS tracks app-based orders to ensure beverages are prepared to coincide with customer arrival. 

Fully stocked, the unit can make 800 cups of coffee each day, with all coffee produced by Wisconsin-based coffee roaster Stone Creek Coffee Co.  

The compact, modular unit features super-automatic commercial coffee machines operated by an Epson 4-Axis SCARA robotic arm alongside customised cartesian robots to carry out additional tasks. 

The unit requires restocking once a day, but Deasy estimates it takes one employee 30 minutes or less to maintain, meaning a single member of staff could service multiple Octane locations in a single day. 

The automated coffee market is predominantly focused on transport hubs, with the format’s speed-of-service a significant pull for on-the-go travellers. 

However, Deasy said launching an automated drive-thru site near Wisconsin’s Highway Interstate 94 should attract a less-transient customer-base. 

Deasy expects to open two further Octane Coffee locations across Wisconsin within the next 12-18 months. He told local media that the concept could also attract the country’s largest coffee chains as they seek new ways to tackle labour challenges. Deasy added that he will pursue franchising and corporate partnerships in due course. 

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