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Eversys to showcase the Shotmaster MS at The London Coffee Festival 2023

The Swiss super automatic espresso machine manufacturer will be exhibiting at booth G22 at the London Coffee Festival, 20-23 April 2023

Visitors to the London Coffee Festival are invited to visit Eversys' booth and enjoy a cup of coffee made with the Shotmaster MS


Eversys, the Swiss-based company known for its innovative coffee machines, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming London Coffee Festival from 20-23 April 2023. Eversys will be showcasing its Shotmaster MS at booth G27. 


The Shotmaster MS is the epitome of automation in the coffee industry. With its state-of-the-art technology, the Shotmaster MS can create the perfect espresso every time. The machine is designed to cater to the needs of coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a high level of consistency and quality in every cup.  


Instead of producing just two espressos at once, the Shotmaster MS can make four shots at any one time in limited space but with optimum productivity. Imagine 350 shots of espresso on one side a milk factory on the other – you’re basically catering to a method of service and a functionality of space.  


Stop at our booth to meet Dale Harris, World Barista Champion of 2017 and Eversys Brand Ambassador. Harris is a world-renowned coffee expert known for his precision and expertise when it comes to dialing in coffee. He has been an integral part of the development of the Shotmaster MS, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and taste. 


Visitors to the London Coffee Festival are invited to visit Eversys' booth and enjoy a great cup of coffee made with the Shotmaster MS. Experience the perfect balance of automation and traditional coffee-making techniques, resulting in a smooth and flavourful espresso. 


Discover how automation and traditional coffee-making techniques can work in perfect harmony, creating the ultimate coffee experience. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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